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Gawlikówka – Izba Śląska (English)


26 Niemiecka Angielska

Izba Śląska GawlikówkaEwald Gawlik was born in 1919 in Nikiszowiec. Since the childhood he was been interested in Art. As a little boy he was instructed by famous artists e.i.: Józef Bimler and Paweł Steller. The outbreak of the II World War dashed his plans of studies on ASP in Kraków. During the War he was exiled to Drezno where he spent the spare time on watching and studing the paintings of great painters. But he was greatly fascinated by paintings of Vincent van Gogh. In 1940 he initiated the studies on ASP in Drezno.

A few months later he was called to Wehrmacht and disected to Laponia. There, he also worked as an artist, inspired by the nature of Laponia and created beautifull water-colours. In 1943 he was wounded and taken captire. In 1947 he returned to Nikiszowiec. He hoped to finish the studies on ASP in Kraków and to become painter. Unfortunately, it never came true. The Security Office forced Gawlik to dissociate his ambitions and to work only as a blue-collar worker.

In 1950 he started to work in the coalmine „Wieczorek”. He has been working there for 25 years. He was closely-knit with a mining community. He didn’t forget his dreams and interests. He became a member of the Painters Group called „Grupa Janowska”. Other members of that group: Teofil Ociepka, Paweł Wróbel, Bolesław Skulik, Erwin Sówka are at the present famous artists. Gawlik’s paintings was noticed in 1968 during the exhibition „Górnośląskie malarstwo amatorskie” where he was called „Van Gogh from Silesia”. In 1974 there were four individual exhibitions of Gawlik’s paintings. The first exhibition was in Katowice, than: in Gallery of UŚ, in Bytom and in Kraków. When he retised, he obteined from the board of directors of „KWK STASZIC” a studio which was near his house.

He died in 1993 just before the exhibition organised by the Museum of History in Katowice.

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